We Help Marketing Agencies Acquire New Clients Rapidly and Predictably by Filling Their Pipeline with Qualified Prospects 
Done For You Meetings helps marketing agencies who are frustrated with spending 50% of their time trying to get qualified meetings. 

We get meetings on your calendar so you can simply have calls with people who want what you sell. 

Your time should be spent making your clients happy, not worrying where the next one will come from.

15 Years Of Combined Cold Email Experience 

Email's Sent
Replies Received
Meetings Booked

We Believe in Hyper-Focused Income-Producing Activities 

Where other agencies try to help with 10 things at once we prioritize what’s going to make you the most money. Meetings = clients, whether your close rate is 10% or 50% meetings bring income.

Not only do we laser focus on getting you meetings, but we only offer what we are best at - cold email. We don’t pretend to be the best at cold calling, social media, paid media, or anything else, but our cold email results speak for themselves…

An Insight Into Our LemList Results

Some Of Our Results

Agencies We Are Currently Working With

Our Process

We have an onboarding process and call to learn about what you sell, and who buys it

We build a list of individuals from companies that fit your “ideal client” persona

 We write a 3-6 email series that can be sent to prospective clients based on our proven email frameworks 

Emails are sent every day with ongoing follow-ups 

Results are measured, subject lines, email copy, and offer are split tested to get the best possible results

Our Team:

Michael Gardiner - Founder and CEO

Michael Gardiner has been a serial entrepreneur for over 5 years generating $100,000’s for his own businesses and other’s businesses all online. He currently runs a 6-figure marketing agency using the same cold email strategies he offers for his clients.

Felipe Fuhr - Director of Innovation

Bruce Martinus - Director of Fulfilment

Erica Salas - Appointment Setting Specialist

Natnicha Nakpan - Campaign Manager

Shivam Gupta - Lead Generation Specialist


This is NOT a sales call. 

This is a conversation to get to know you, your agency, and see if there is potential to help your agency. Not everyone is a good fit, and if we decide that we cannot help you, you will still learn actionable tactics to implement on your own. 

This call is for: 

✅ Business owners who want to focus on their current clients and not stress about where the next one will come from 

✅ Business owners who want predictable meetings on their calendars that turn into new clients

✅ Business owners who are ambitious and hungry to grow or even double their business 

✅ Business owners who understand they can’t do everything on their own and want an expert to help them